Few years after releasing his hit song 'Shayo', Babalola Gabriels, popularly called Bigiano, who had been in near oblivion 4 d past 3 to 4years has resurfaced,he is back and better. Few weeks ago, he released 3 captivating singles and organized a promo/unveiling party all geared at heralding his huge comeback. In this interview, the Ogun-born artiste spoke on his break from music, his return as well as other upcoming projects.

(1) You have been away for so long, what have you been up to?
My being away was intentional. I decided to keep my brand away, restrategize then come back, I have been doing tours, recording songs and spending time with my families. I'm not a flash in the pan, I just took time off to work on my brand.
(2) So what are you bringing back? What new thing are you introducing to the Bigiano brand?
Well. There are lots of them, I'm working on my image, you can see I'm wearing a new look, the hair is gone. Then I have lots of motivational messages to offer to people.

(3) Motivational as in, are you now a motivational speaker or you're reflecting it in your music?
It will reflect in my songs and I will be speaking out for the youths as well as the younger race out there.
(4) So what new singles are you working on, tell us briefly about them?
I have got three singles out there, "As e dey hot", who's that girl" and oh laa laa, their videos are dropping soon. I have recorded over 100 songs already, after then, I'll drop the collabos.
(5) What record label are you working on?
My new record label is Goldspan Entertainment and stronghold Records is my international promoter.
(6) Can you mention some of the artistes you are collaborating with?
May D, Davido, Wizkid and many more
(7) What should Bigiano's fans expect from him?
They should expect a brand new Bigiano, I'm going to be dishing them good songs and I'll also be consistent.
(8) When are you releasing your next album?
Next year, late next year because, I'm taking my time to churn out the best. It's something that my fans and people out there are going to appreciate.

(9) What's your take on the Nigerian music industry now?
The industry is growing and making a lot of sense, we just hope the government will help structure the country as a whole, not only in music aspect.
(10) What keeps you going as an artiste?
My inspirations and my faith, i strongly believe in myself and confident enough to stand and break through anywhere
(11) Asides the release party and the singles what other avenues are you exploring to make your fans know that Bigiano is back?
They already know I am back, the unveiling and promo went a long way and is still on-going, my singles are there, I'm only waiting to drop the videos so they will know all over the world.
(12) The industry has become so competitive, going by the number of good artistes we now have, how prepared are you for the competition?
I can't find any competition any where, I've not been intimidated by any kind of music for the past few years, I don't think anyone can stand Bigiano out there, no one has ever taken my space in the last 3 years. Let every artiste do what they have to do and let me do what i know best. The sky is wide enough for birds to fly.
(13) What are your challenges as an artiste?
People have lots of misconceptions about me, its really sad. And then putting 100% trust in people and you later find out they are not what they claimed to be.
Another thing is people mistake being principled for being arrogant.
(14) Asides the artistes you've mentioned, which other artistes/ producers are you working with?

For producers, I have Shizzi, Young D, Cobhams, Ty mix and other big names, for artistes I've got Akon on oh la la remix, AkA in South Africa, Mikasa, Letoya and in Nigeria Eva, and many others.
(15) What's with the Kuti added to your name?
Kuti is my brand/merchandise name. I have reasons for choosing it.
(16) Who are your musical influences?
I have lots of them. While growing up, I got inspired by great singers with beautiful, ever-green music. Sunny Okosun, Christy Igbokwe, Chris Okotie, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, Fela Anikulapo kuti. On the foreign side, we have Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Celine Dion, Kenny Rogers, Jim Reves, Erikabadu and many more.



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