March 2012
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Erstwhile West African Idol winner, Timi Dakolo bade bachelorhood goodbye today March 31st 2012 as he walked his longtime fiance Busola Amupitan down the aisle.
The low-key wedding which was attended by few friends, colleagues and family members took place in Ilorin, Kwara State.
The talented singer took to his twitter page to express his joy,
"I think i am getting married 2day as
opposed to yesterday....",
"Tweeting from the altar; I have counted the cost and i have made a choice...."
The couple have a 2 year-old son (Alex) and rumour has it that Busola is expecting another child.

We wish the couple a blissful marriage.

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Though full details are still sketchy but preparations by Spanish club Barcelona to honour one of their outstanding footballers Lionel Messi are in top gear.
The three-time world's best footballer who became the club's all-time top goalscorer when he broke Cesar Rodriguez, (ex Barcelona player)'s 50-year record of 232 goals will be honoured with a tribute before the club's game with Athletic Bilbao today.
According to, the tribute will be in form of a combined footage of both Rodriguez and Messi.


Well-deserved hun! Winks*Winks*

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Big Ben, the rapper who produced a fantastic song for the #OccupyNigeria" rally titled "I Don Tire ft. Tonia Zee" is out with another banger.
Signed under Drumline Entertainment, his new song is titled, "Boys Are Smiling Jo!"

*4shared >>>>>>>*

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UEFA, the administrative body for football in Europe has banned Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger for his uncomplimentary remarks about referee Damir Skomina during Arsenal's Champions League game with AC Milan on 6th March 2012.

This will be the third time the French would be picking a ban. Asides that, the coach who has been suspended from carrying out his managerial duties for the next three European games will pay a fine of €40,000 (£33,000).

The match which ended 3-0 didn't favour the club as they were knocked out 4-3 on aggregate, Wenger couldn't hide his feelings either, "I was not happy with the referee tonight because I felt he gave many free-kicks in the middle of the park."

Speaking before the news was made public, the 63 year-old ex footballer said, "If I am suspended then it is not justified and I will appeal straight away. I believe that they have transformed UEFA competition referees to be untouchable icons, where you cannot even have a word.

"The only thing they understand after the game is the report. I believe that when you have 25 years consecutively in Europe you can still ask the referee that you can have some discussion with him. It is very difficult to understand."

Arsenal is expected to appeal the ban/fine within 3 days.

Source: The Guardian
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Hello Readers, here is the concluding part of the story I started on monday, if you're reading this for the first time, check my archive (scroll down the left side of this blog) for the beginning of the story. Enjoy!!

Doctor Joshua couldn't remove her gaze on the frail girl, the white mask over her nose and the system beside her. How could she have done this to herself? He wondered aloud. Dr Aina walked briskly to his side.

'what's sup Joshua, thought you were going home."
"I just can't leave like that."
While they were still talking, a nurse came to take the little girl's blood sample for laboratory investigation.
An hour later, a middle-aged woman rushed in.
"Good afternoon sir. Pls my daughter was rushed here about four hours ago, pls may I see her"
Dr Aina gave her a long stare, "So you are Debrah's mother".

"Yes I am"

"Hmmmmm!" He sighed. "She's in a critical condition now, as a matter of fact, she's on oxygen and needs a lot of observation, so you may just have to hang around".

At about 9pm, Dor Josh drove into the hospital

"How far Dr Yemi Aina?" He said staring at debrah

"She should come round anytime soon. The blood sample results are here and there are improvement signs. Meanwhile her mother is here, she's waiting for her outside"

"Her mother? Anyways I don't have time for that now" he took a seat and sighed, "I've not been able to do anything reasonable since I got home, my mind has been here".

Debrah's face was springing out water, Dr Joshua's voice was loud and clear.

"What is wrong with you? You know quite clear that DIABETIC patients don't take sugary things. Do you want to kill yourself? Answer me? You would have gone, gone a long time if not for God's intervention, you were not supposed to touch the cheapest biscuit, what were you doing with 2 bottles of coke?

"It's okay Joshua"

"Aina this is painful, how many patients do I really care for this much. I took interest in her because she has an aweful sickness at the age of 13. The other time I sent her to the laboratory to get her results only for her to forge the result and bring it back to me, I spoke to her, I cautioned and pleaded with her. What else does she want me to do? Now she went to school to take not even a sip, two bottles of coke just because she was tired of living and her friends were accusing her of being HIV positive, I told you countless time, don't listen to them."

'It's still alright Joshua, we can't really blame her."

"I'm sorry sir. Dr Aina please help me beg him. I won't do it again." Debrah was barely audible, the tears poured in.

Her mother rushed in

"Please who is the doctor that has been footing her bills..."
"Woman, I am so disappointed in you, you call yourself a mother and you're acting this way. What has she done to deserve a cold attitude from you. Your 13 year-old daughter is diabetic and the least you could do is to be so harsh and unconcerned, I'm even surprised you're here" he hissed loud.

"It's not my fault sir. It was this same sickness that claimed his father's life at 38. And I have just three of them, that's why?...

'That's why what? That's why you left her to her fate?? He snapped. "To be miserable and die afterwards?"

The woman was mute. She cleaned her wet face with the back of her hand as he spoke.

'This girl needs love and attention. She needs your care. How can she be coming for check ups all alone? Why?

It's bad enough that she has this ailment at this age but a cold attitude from her mother will kill her in no time"
Turning to Debrah, "this would be the last time I'll tell you this, if you don't change, I'll hands off your case".
'I won't do it again I promise. Thank you Dr Josh, Thank you Dr Aina, I love you so much mum. Where are my siblings....." She stared at the ceiling and closed her eyes afterwards.

She was gone.

Based on a True Life Story.

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It is no longer news that seasoned actor Gabriel Afolayan, son of late film maker Adeyemi Afolayan and brother to accomplished actors, Kunle and Aremu Afolayan is dipping his hand into another pie, which is music.
In this interview, the debutante who is chanelling every faction of his talents into becoming a well-rounded artiste and who isn't cowed by the presence of other established or upcoming artistes spoke at length about his sojourn into music amongst other issues.

1) Gabriel Afolayan is very successful in the acting terrain, what's driving you into music?
Its strictly passion and music appreciation that is driving me on into the arena.

2) What kind of music do you do?
I do African soul

3) Your sizzling hot single, 'Kokoro Ife' is generating a lot of buzz everywhere, how do you feel about this?
I feel so happy and its surprising.
Never thought it would be this accepted, there's this negative buzz about actors diversifying into music because they don't get much roles again and thus have to supplement their earnings with music. No! The case is different, I'm just passionate about music and seeing this level of appreciation makes want to put in more efforts on my material.

3) Kokoro Ife is purely a love song. Is there any story behind the song or was it something you just stumbled on?
Kokoro ife is inspired by love and its complications. The continuous search for love and how we all rendezvous at the same spot. If you pay attention to the song you'll find out the mode at which the guy searched and still couldn't find, meaning you don't set out searching for love, it comes to you natural. And the typical lesson is "if you are opportuned to secure love, hold on to it and cherish it". This was said in the first 4 lines of the first verse. Basically Love is what the world seeks.

4) How long have you been into music?
Many people are not aware of the fact that I didn't just make the decision to do music, I've been on the journey for long.
I started music professionally in 1997.
I was signed as a back up singer to a studio called phynix in Ibadan, Oyo State.
And also I used to back up for one- man band then as well. I was born a Baptist, I've been a chorister way back. I also had a musical group while in the Univeristy (University of Ibadan).

5) Are you quitting the stage for music or is there going to be a balance?
No way! I won't. There is a balance already. I am under a management called studio 6 multimedia ltd; they have Studio 6 films and Studio 6 music. I'm like a complete brand to them and we have proper scheduling.

6) The music industry is highly competitive, how prepared are you for this?
I am prepared for the game cos I have something to offer in terms of my style. I listen to all kind of songs. But I appreciate soul music the most and it has inspired my style. That does not stop me from doing fast songs. It's just that I would want to be known for a particular movement in music. I know about the competitive nature of the music industry and I must say it's really making the game grow.

7) How far do you see yourself going in music?
The field is large enough. I am not coming in to drag or brag about anything. I am in music to bless the game with my uniqueness. And I know I will surely pull my own crowd/fans. I would surely contribute my quota. I'm going very far.

8) Any plans to release an album yet or feature other accomplished acts?
My album project is still in view but I'm just dropping singles for now. So I have just been recording songs at random. Although we've pencilled down some notable collaborations which I want to keep under wraps now.
9) Who is or are your influence(s) in the music industry.
A lot of them. I'm influenced by so many veteran musicians, talk of King Sunny Ade, Haruna Ishola, Ebenezer Obey, KWAM 1, Obesere, Victor Uwaifo, Segun Adewale, Admiral Adekunle, Sir Shina Peters, Kolawole Ayinla, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Pasuma, Kenny Kore, Samsong, Ty Bello, Tiwa Savage, W4, Wizkid, 2face, BankyW, Sound Sultan, Gt guitar man, Asa, Yinka Davies, Ego, Wande Coal, Lara George,Terry G and lots more. On the foreign scene I have Anthony Hamilton, Sisqo, Tyrese, Mario, Lauren Hill, Brandy, Smoky Robinson, Nat King Cole, Louis amstrong; the list is endless.

10) Considering the nature of your jobs now, how do you unwind?
The only time I unwind is when I want to sleep at night. The job itself is a whole lot of fun.

11) Has being the son of a film legend influenced you or opened doors for you in both careers?
It calls for more. Being from that source brings a lot of challenges. People pay attention to every detail, there are certain things they accept from others that they won't take from you, it goes beyond being basking in the infleunce of my late father, it is really challenging.

Download Gabriel's single, 'Kokoro Ife' (Love bug).
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Wonders shall never cease? Mother and children killing crocodile. How did they manage to tame this crocodile? How did they bring it to that slab alive?
The small girl is so brave. Pinning the (perhaps dead) creature's mouth down is one thing I can't imagine doing. What if it just rises up and bites her hand or do some silly stuffs? I wish I can get answers to these questions but trust me this is a big surprise! And kudos to these fearless people .
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Like what seriously went wrong with his contract in Barcelona? That was the question that came to my mind when I heard about this gist but never mind, its not the same Lionel Messi we all know.

A 16 year-old French footballer caused confusion in a Togo-based club when his name appeared on their database, subsequent research however revealed that he was merely bearing the same name with Argentina/Barcelona icon, lionel Messi.
However the Cameroonian mid-fielder who after putting up an impressive performance during a trial match organized in Angers club was offered a contract.
The club spokesman said: "We were shocked to learn that Lionel Messi had signed with Angers.
"We never get confused because even though our database now contains more than a million football players each player has his own person ID"

Source: Punch

Another phenomenon in the making???

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Nigerian-born American actor, Gbenga Akinnade and talented actress Tonto Dike headline Complete Fashion magazine.
Who can Tame Tonto? Really who can't? The detailed background really highlights tonto's tattoo and her chunk of flesh.
Love Gbenga's suit and poise as well.
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American actress and Titanic star Kate Winslet regrets her nude scenes in the 1997 box office, Titanic.
The sultry actress during the premiere of the 3D version of the film which took place in London yesterday stated that she wasn't eager to watch the scenes where she disrobed for a portrait.

"I'm not going to look. I'll be in the bar by that point."
It is like being forced to go through a photo album of your former self for three and a half hours solidly. I haven't seen the whole film in a very long time but it's a whole different me and we look much younger and our acting was different, hopefully not as good as now."

It's ok darling. You were wonderful in other scenes.

Source: British Vogue

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Kogi State-born actress Lola Alao might have been a little absent in movies but that doesn't mean she has taken the back seat.

The former air hostess with the defunct Okada Airlines who has just rounded work on a telecoms project is set to make statements with the launch two of her personal projects.
Come 6th May, the accomplished actress will premiere her red-hot movie, 'She Ike Mi'.
The movie parades renowned artistes like Muyiwa Adegoke (Londoner) Bimbo Akintola, Akin Lewis, Said Balogun, Moji Olaiya and many more.

This same year, the delectable mother who became well-known after her role in Zeb Ejiro's celebrated soap opera, 'Ripples' which was aired in the 1990s will join the league of celebrity enterpreneurs when she throws the door of her luxurious restaurant, 'Lola Alao kitchen' open to upscale diners, friends, fans, well-wishers to mention a few.

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43 year-old singer, actress and enterpreneur, Jennifer Lopez will in few months time headline a music festival in Brazil.
J-lo as fondly called who shot into prominence after the release of her album, 'On the 6' in 1999 visited the country (Brazil) for the first time this week to spread word on her Latin-based show, 'Q'Viva'.
The American Idol judge would be performing at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo on June 23 and in Rio de Janiero on June 27.
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Toni Payne, former US-based cosmetologist turned Public Relations Executive cum consultant is one personality who doesn't need introduction.
The self-styled Olori and CEO, Toni Payne Concepts; a music, beauty and fashion firm is one dynamic and versatile individual who has created a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.
Come April, the enstranged wife of Yoruba lyricist; Abolore Akande a.k.a 9ice who introduced her unique online radio few months back will unveil her new reality series.
With Toni Payne: My ChamPayne Life; the ravishing socialite would give her avid followers and fans an insight into her diurnal activities as a PR Executive, enterpreneur and mother.
Powered by Reel E Networks; the reality show will be beamed across STV NETWORKS (Monday 2pm), TVC (Wednesday 630pm), DBN LAGOS (Tuesday 11pm & Saturday 9:30pm), ITV ABJ (Tuesday 6:30pm), ITV BENIN (Thursday 10:30pm), BCOS IBADAN (Friday 10pm, Tuesady 9am), ESTV ENUGU (Wednesday 10:30pm), DBS ASABA (Tuesday 10:30pm) MBI Obosi (Saturday 10:30pm) it will also be aired on MNET as well as TV stations in the UK and USA.
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By January 2015, the management of Spanish football team, Real Madrid would have completed the construction of a $1 billion Island resort in the United Arab Emirates.

Labelled The Real Madrid Resort Island, the island will boast of features like 60 luxury bungalows, a 5 star hotel containing 450 rooms, a marina complete with a yacht club, a theme park, the first-ever stadium with one side open to the sea and a holographic football show.


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Here's my list of 5 tallest Yoruba actresses I know. Asides being 'lengthy', they are gifted, beautiful and know the ropes of acting.

1) Funke Adesiyan- Even with marks on her face, the Oyo-state indigene is beautiful. The graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. Funke jumpstarted her career in 2003 when she featured in Wale Adenuga Productions' Super story and Papa Ajasco series. She has so far featured in over 20 movies. Her movies; Obinrin Ale, Ayo Kulehin, Ore bi Ota, Oju Apa temi. etc

2) Bisi Ibidapo-Obe-is one actress who needs no introduction. The Osun State thespian became popular after her lead role in a film titled 'Omologbalogba' where she played the role of a flirtatious student. Bisi is also a power-dresser. She's featured in Onome Aganga, Oko Mi, Omo Jesu, Iyanje to mention a few

3) Sola Asedeko- Fair in complexion and pretty actress shot into limelight after her role in Tunde Kelani's 'Abeni. Sola who is enjoying a burgeoning career remains one of the most-sought after actresses in Nigeria. The graduate of creative Arts has featured in Narrow Path, Omo Ghetto, Oga, Campus Queen, Afesona etc

4)Mosun Filani-Oduoye- The Tai Solarin University of Education graduate actress has been acting since 2005 but she became a focus of attention after her role in Funke Akindele's 'Jenifa' produced in 2009.
She's starred in Iran Kefa, Ibugbe, Ise Onise, Igbese Kan and many more. The Ekiti-born actress tied the knots last month.

5) Fathia Balogun- she is one of the most-popular actresses in Nollywood. This stunning and ageless mother of three has over the years made a big mark in the yoruba movie industry.
Even with new actors streaming in, the enstranged wife of an actor (Saidi Balogun) refuses to be intimidated. She's been involved in countless movie projects; Farayola, Aje meta, Asa, Onome Aganga, Alakada, Otelemuye etc
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Hello Readers, this piece is a truelife story. Enjoy
"You wouldn't talk to anybody, you don't want to have anything to do with anybody, you are just a big snub. You will die soon". Roseline shouted. The 'die soon' jolted Debra out of her reverie, she stood up, ran to her direction and squeezed her shirt. 
"You don't have any right to judge me, you don't know what is going in my life, don't you ever talk to me like that, you unreasonable demon". Her voice was teary, she cleaned the mucus in her nose before reaching for her seat.
Roseline was sorry for that statement. She read pain and frustration in her eyes. So many thoughts ran through her mind as she smoothened her uniform. Should she apologise? Go to her and calmly ask what's wrong? She shrugged off and dashed out of the virtually empty classroom. She could care less.
Debrah's sobs were getting louder and louder, sensing the break time was almost over, she placed her head over her desk and continued crying.

"Maybe she's HIV positive or what else could explain her incessant visits to the laboratory" the three girls stopped to buy roasted corn which they divided equally and quickly feasted on.
"It is possible". Yetunde nodded. She's tired of life, she rejects everything you offer her; a bottle of coke, a piece of cake...."

"Even biscuits, I remember her throwing it back at me one time like that". Chika revealed
They flagged down a taxi and hurried in.
Back at the Federal Medical Centre, hot tears raced down Debrah's cheeks as she watched the Doctor write the usual report on a green form. He looked up to see her soaked face
"Don't do this to me Debrah. I might not have told you this before but those tears shatter me each time I see them." He paused, removed his glasses, wiped a drop of water at the edge of his eyes.
"What is still puzzling me is your mum's attitude. I havnt seen her here ever since you started coming for check ups. Why? This is too much for a 13 year-old girl like you". He sighed.

"But dear, you should be grateful that this isn't HIV/AIDS, nothing is impossible for God to do okay. I'm sure He will see you through this" He managed to flash a smile.
Debrah was too weak to return the smile, "Forget about my mum Doc, let me quickly rush to the laboratory..." She stood up

" No." He removed his eye glasses again. "Tell me what I don't know. Is she your real mother"
Debrah nodded. "I'm her replica. the resemblance is striking. She just vowed never to have anything to do with me ever since she learnt of my ailment, she told me to give her a space and let her focus on my younger ones. Don't worry, Doc, I would take care of myself"

"At age 13? What does she want you to do? This is preposterous"
Doctor Josh was about kicking the engine of his car and driving out of the hospital premises when he saw a nurse rushed towards her
"What is it" he wound down the glass of his car
" Debrah was rushed in now, right now she's placed on oxygen, her friends said she collapsed after taking 2 bottles of coke"
"Oh My God! This is unbelievable?"
He jumped out of the car weeping profusely.

(To be continued on friday)

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Like seriously? Who was she giving the middle finger? Toasters? oh No, they apparently saw her in a wedding dress. An unwanted friend/visitor who probably came to spite her? Most likely! But why would anyone act like that on her VIP occasion.
Whoever made her frown this much didn't try. Don't worry, you're finer and better than them.

This second picture I honestly don't understand. I got so many funny pings last night when I used it as my display picture. Unfortunately I couldn't give a reasonable answer to the questions pouring in.
'Why is her face like that? What happened?'
Seriously let's just pretend someone close to her dropped a bombshell (polluted the air). Figure out who that could be.
(I havn't mentioned the bridegroom, you're on your own o) !lol

Nice week ahead good people

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A Romanian fashion designer recently secured a spot in the Guinness Book of Records after it made a 2,750 meter long bridal dress with 1,857 needles.
An effort of Andree Salon Fashion the extensive dress which was made with French lace and Italian taffera within 100 days by 10 seamstresses goes for $7, 300.
It broke a previous record of 2,488 meters.

This is work! Gosh!
Dear bride, pls don't wear this to any wedding reception other than a football pitch.

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And Yes, they are really up to something. The question is what will bring these distinguished celebrities together? Keep your fingers crossed and get a copy. Love their look.
And can someone pls tell Wizkid to stand up for his elder ones?lol. Good colour combination!
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Adetola Adesegun "Mr Stickz"a graduate of Accounting from UNIBEN jumpstarted his musical career
professionally in 2007.
Currently signed under SnT Entertainment, his new singles are enjoying massive airplays across radio stations and other media in Nigeria.

Below is the 4shared link to download "Wyne It", his most recent single
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Bender Oluwakayode Gbenga popularly called K-Tempo" is a multi-talented dancehall artiste.
Asides singing he also plays virtually all the musical instruments existing.
The debutante who has performed alongside international acts like Wycleff Jean and Koffi Olomide has just dropped 2 new singles "Ise"
and "Follow Me Go".

Download the tracks

Follow me go:
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After weeks of speculations on what killed multiple Grammy-winning legend Whitney Houston on February 11, 2012, Los Angeles County Coroner Office recently revealed that heart disease and recent cocaine use contributed to the death of the 48 year-old singer.
According to a statement released, the mother of one whose drug use affected her voice to a large extent likely had some heart attack which made her slip into the tub.
Though other drugs were found in her system, but they did not contribute to her death.
A coroner claimed Houston used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse" -- but investigators who arrived on the scene found no traces of cocaine or any other illegal drug.
That was because "an individual" removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived the person was the same one who supplied the drug to Houston.

Houston who was buried in New Jersey a week after her death willed all her assets to her 19 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

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Late rapper MC Loph's fiancée, Nkiru, delivered a bouncing baby boy last thursday.
It would be recalled that the deceased and his sister died last year September in a ghastly motor accident along Benin Ore road. He,his fiance and his sister were on their way to the East for their traditional wedding.
Nkiru who was pregnant at that time was rushed to the nearest hospital.

We thank God for her safe delivery. May God be with mother and child.
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The Zimbabwe version of the popular 'We are African' song has earned energetic singer Abdulrasheed Bello stage-named JJC (of the famous London-based JJC music squad) a nomination in the Zimbabwean Achievers' Awards.

Come April 28, 2012 the multi-talented producer and video director who was nominated in the best video category of the Awards would be slugging it out with the likes of Zimbabwean artistes Juss Russ, Money B, Cythia Mare, Farai Muvuti and All stars at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel London.

It would be recalled that the song which is still an anthem on the lips of both young and old was first recorded in London two years ago.
The song has been adapted for five countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Ghana. 

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Pretty, petite and talented actress Liz Da Silva who has now become an household name in the yoruba section of the Nigerian movie industry has just released an all-female cast movie, 'Mama Insurance'.
For the film which was shot last year in Victoria Island Lagos, the half Togolese, half Nigerian producer engaged renowned and gifted role interpreters in the industry.
Directed by Adebayo Tijani, the film parades Fathia Balogun, Iyabo Ojo, Ayo Mogaji, Lanre Hassan, Ronke Ojo among others.
Liz DaSilva
The movie centres on an educated landlady (played by Ayo Mogaji) who leased her house out to four female tenants; Fathia Balogun (banker) Liz Dasilva (Fraudster), Iyabo Ojo (Christian).
The landlady who is also seen as a disciplinarian loves just one of the tenants (Liz Dasilva) who unknown to her is a fraudster.

The movie according to Liz Dasilva was borne out of the need to do something unique.
It is expected to hit the shelves
in a couple of days.
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The mansion where the late Pop legend Michael Jackson was living with his three children; Prince Michael, Paris, Blanket before he died in 2009 of an overdose of propofol has been put up for sale.
The house which used to go for $29m million (in 2010) and was being rented out for $100,000-a-month now goes for $23.9million.
Situated at Holmby Hills, Los Angeles it boasts of well-appointed facilities like a movie theatre, swimming pool, seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and a seven-car garage.
Though there are speculations that a major celebrity would look around the house soonest the website incharge of the house would only show it to an eligible buyer.
Source: DM
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R&B legend, R-Kelly is set to continually dazzle his fans and music lovers across the globe as he prepares to bring back his thrilling musical series, 'Trapped in the closet'.

This time around, RKelly is naming these set of series, "Not of this Earth". The video series which he started about five years ago with over ten chapters looks weird and almost meaningless hopes to make a complete sense with the introduction of these forthcoming chapters.

It parades a gay pastor, cheating spouses, a convict named 'Twon, a well-endowed midget, an old reverend, ex-con lesbians and a stuttering pimp. R-Kelly is also set to release his album and memoir soon.

Source: Yahoo
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Ibinao Deborah Romeo (Nigerian Idols)
AMAA Director Sunny Mc Don W
AMAA Jury members, Steve Ayorinde, Shuaibu Husseini
AMAA Jury member Ayoku  Babu and Asantewa Olatunji 
AMAA Jury Chairman Asantewa Olatunji of Pan African Film Festival Los Angeles

AMAA Jury member Shuaibu Husseini
Majd Michael and friend
AMAA CEO Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and guests

Jackie Appiah and  a guest
AMAA CEO and Jackie Appiah
Steve Ayorinde, Shuaibu Husseini and Sunny Mc Don
Gambian Minister of Works, Francis Litti Mboge
Aki and Pawpaw (Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme)
Michael Majid, Jackie Appiah and guests arriiving the venue
Aki and little fans

These are pictures of the nomination night for the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) held at Banjul, Gambia on March 17, 2012.
Present at the occasion were actors and actresses from different countries; Jackie Appiah, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Majid Micheal, government officials and many more.